Tuesday 1 September 2015

Almost there...

About a year ago I started this new crazy adventure, called an MBA.
Although not finished yet I am close to it. 
With it  I hope to be able to focus back on my lovely blog as well as some much needed updating that I know it needs.

So hope to be back into the lovely world of art history soon!

Thursday 11 June 2015

Art, Creativity and Management #2

Ok, to not keep eveyone in supence,

here is my chosen artwork:

This wonderful sketch was done by one of the fathers of Cubisim "Pablo Picasso" at the age of 12 years old. 

This is one of the representations of why I see some failures in current teaching for "artists" because they are allowed to go on and start being 'impressionist' or ' cubist' without a good understanding of basic drawing and anatomy.

Firstly  they are tagged  with titles... you can't be an impressionist since the movement since it started and finished in 19 century.  You can try and and paint in that style but you are still a contemporary artist.

How can you break rules, if you don't know them? How can you be original if you don't know what already has been done? 

Saturday 6 June 2015

Art, Creativity and Management

Ok so not a normal blog post. But I just had to share.

Who would of though that by entering an MBA with a special focus on sustainability I would have had the opportunity to take a special module on Art, creativity and management? and not only that but its also an international experience, in Nantes France?

I'm ecstatic about it. 

My other interaction this year also with management and art was when I went to a talk in the RAMM museum about a month ago on "Culture-makers" with Simon Cronshaw, co-founder of Remix Summits.  Which was about how you can become an entrepreneur but based on a cultural aspects. It was a thrilling and  innovative talk.

So for my class on Monday I have been asked to choose a piece of artwork, sculpture, music anything that would inspire us. Which of course is so difficult for me, I love so many things so....

-Bernini, he is after all my favorite  sculptor ans seeing as I saw a documentary on human sculpture it would be easy to talk to.... but no too easy who hasn't seen  the rape of Proserpina

-Rosin, with his brilliant colors and amazing attention to detail and draping of fabrics that you just want to reach out and touch??

A master then maybe DaVinci? Bellini? Donatello?

something funny like Arcimboldo?

No... no....

Well  did finally choose, but I'm not telling quite yet.... its something simple and beautiful , but its who it was done by and the story of the artist that makes it interesting right?? I'll show you all next week once I present it, and see if I get the response I'm looking for... and hopefully no one will ruin it....

Monday 6 April 2015

Leonora Carrington's birthday

Today is Leonora Carrington's birthday!!!

And I believe she is one of the artists I had a bit more exposure to to, not only by research but one that I have encounters in several exposition in Mexico. And I can easily say she is one of my favorite artists. So as a reminder of her birthday I'm putting up links to her artist post and to a museum experiences where I encounter her.

Blog post #84

*all work is property of the artist *
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Friday 27 February 2015

Is Design trying to Cover up for art??

This week there was a new exposition in the library here in the university. As always I get excited and go take a look once I'm able to. I'm not going to go into details but it left me sad, angry and a little desperate. The artists technique although not bad, I have frequently seen it, so his abilities might be of medium quality. So how did the artist try to compensate? By creating brutal unpleasant images, but attracting your eye with cheerful colours.

So it got me thinking of all the people that have to see it every day and tolerate it. Wait did I just say TOLERATE!!! art??? we have to learn to tolerate it? and live with it. Where is my love for beauty, for aesthetically pleasing forms and figures gone to? where form follow function... and don't I already get bombarded online with brutal images every day? in the newspaper and in the media? why oh why do I have to see it art as well.  Now you can argue with me that is reality, I know I don't live in a bubble...

Form follows function a discussion every engineer will have with a designer. Which let me to think... are we as designers trying to cover up for what art is not doing? we want beautiful webpages,  beautiful object, awe inspiring cars. The constant debate on what is beauty in humans, photoshoped or not?

If we go back in history it was the other way around, objects yes were useful but utilitarian and art was in rooms to bring smiles joy life and beauty, give us inspiration and aspiration.

So has design trying to make up for the lacking of true art?

Again this are my own points of view, and I will keep expressing them though this medium since its of my own creation.

Sunday 22 February 2015

And we are in 2015 now

So hello everyone... sorry for the long wait for a new post. I have both good news and bad news.
the good is the I am still alive and have a tiny little bit of free time at the moment.
the bad news is it wont last long, and I am aware that my post will be less frequent for quite a while now.
Doing a masters degree is great,  new city , new people, new learning. But there is also the assignment part of it. I have written more essays this last couple months than i have in the last 4 years.... and for someone who is not used to writing like I am it is a little bit tricky. Thus unfortunately my Blog has suffered. I wish that I could promise to write more often but I really cant afford it the time I did before. Maybe as time passes I will get settled into a new daily routine and be able to post as I had before. But for the time being that will be a little difficult.

I hope you all understand and I'll keep everyone updated.