Friday, 27 September 2013

designer loves art... Cecilia Paredes...193

sometimes we need to blend into our background..

this is Cecilia Paredes

born in Peru, she has studies in  Peru, England and Rome. she likes to explore the limits of nature and what it means to "blend" with it. now i'm going to make a pin point in that word, since as you can see she is blending yet she is leaving part of her to be completely visible. her work is what i would consider mixed media, since you are looking at a photograph of herself, yet she is mostly painted int he same pattern as her background. I enjoy her use of this and the colors she used.

*all work is property of the artist *
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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Ask a curator Q&A in twitter

Ok so for those who missed it yesterday , you guys missed an explosion of information. the end count was 622 museums in 37 countries

Now be warned this might be the largest post I will ever post. Its a copy of all the questions and the answers I got.

I would like to thanks @askacurator for setting this up and to all the museums who answered my questions.

and going into 6 hours I got a *high five*

It was a really fun experience and i hope to be part of it again.

Thanks again.

Ill post the links to the blogs i was given later if anyone is interested.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Ask A Curator

Have you ever had a specific question you would ask a museum Art curator?

Tomorrow on Twitter you will have that opportunity. All day you will be able to ask any question you would have to curators from museums all over the world.

here is a bit of the FAQ

When is Ask a Curator?

It’s an all day event on September 18th 

What is Ask a Curator?

It’s a way to talk to curators and people who work in cultural venues you normally don’t have access to.  #Askacurator is open to everyone: Museums, galleries, National Trust, Theatres, and more. You can ask anything that you’re curious about or want more information on. 
  • What’s it’ like to be a curator?
  • How do you decide what to display?
  • What is the most unique object in your collection?
As some curators won’t know *all* the answers straight away, it might be they have to get back to you if it is a specific question about the museum/gallery.  However, if it is a general question, you might find another museum’s curator could answer it.
You can read the rest here and the list of the museums here

hope to see many of you guys there, 

my Twitter is @designerloveart

Friday, 13 September 2013

designer loves art... Peter Paul Rubens...192

some artist are so talented that their popularity outlasts them

this is Peter Paul Rubens

born in Siegen, Germany he started painting at the age of 10,. in 1660 he traveled to Italy and got  to live under the protection of Cardenal Montalto, who in some cases used him in diplomatic missions. he later was able to leave  so he could continue his studies, this let him begin to discovery of the ancient world. Rubens is known for this religious paintings, portraits of aristocracy ,love for classical mythology and frescoes in several chapels.  which by him becoming the court painter in France for a while comes of no surprise. part of what is enchanting about his paintings is the vitality that he gives in his paintings, his colors and like said earlier his classicist style. he is one of the few that were outlived by his popularity.

*all work is property of the artist *
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