Friday 30 March 2012

designer loves art...Ingrid Siliakus....143

paper + architecture =

this is Ingrid Siliakus

from the Netherlands, she  got inspired by  Masahiro Chatani, who is considered the originator of the art form. she was so in awe of it the it inspired her to start trying out by herself. over the years she has grown, experimented and  flourished.  in most of her work you are surprised by the detail she shows. she has been published  in several important art magazines and has had many exhibitions. hope we  can see much more of her.

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Friday 23 March 2012

designer loves art....Michael Angelo Rooker...142

some artist go relatively unperceived yet, they inspire other artist which in turn become well known

this is  Michael Angelo Rooker

from England, and son of a known engraver of the time. we went  to study in the royal academy, and although he didn't pursue a career as an academic.  he was recognized as associate academician. during  his summers he would go on tours around England searching for important sites or ruins for him to paint.  much of his work is done in water color,  and some of this sketches n pencil.  it is thought that his work inspired  Turner  who  emulated his technique in composition, light and texture.

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Thursday 15 March 2012

designer loves art....Won Park...141

fold here... here & here and you  get a.....

This is Won Park

from the USA, he is a master of origami. origami, is the Japaneses art of folding  paper that  got popular worldwide in the 1950 , in his case, he has been using Dollar bills,  he has an impressive gallery, and his technique is impeccable. i have done some origami before, not so complicated as this, so it amazes me the size he gets to form the bill into. 

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Thursday 8 March 2012

designer loves art....Jonh Linnell...140

in furniture design who can we pair up as the competition to  Chippendale?

this is John Linnell

born in England, he was one of the first English furniture maker that was educated in design at St. Martin's Academy. he joined his father's firm in furniture making and over took the business when his father passed away.  his career began designing in the rococo-style,  but then embraced neoclassic style  I believe this shows that he was young and was able to adapt quickly with the demand from the customer.  something that i noticed in his drawings is that his pieces are not symmetrical. it is believed that it was to show the customer 2 different possibilities in one drawing.

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