Sunday 22 February 2015

And we are in 2015 now

So hello everyone... sorry for the long wait for a new post. I have both good news and bad news.
the good is the I am still alive and have a tiny little bit of free time at the moment.
the bad news is it wont last long, and I am aware that my post will be less frequent for quite a while now.
Doing a masters degree is great,  new city , new people, new learning. But there is also the assignment part of it. I have written more essays this last couple months than i have in the last 4 years.... and for someone who is not used to writing like I am it is a little bit tricky. Thus unfortunately my Blog has suffered. I wish that I could promise to write more often but I really cant afford it the time I did before. Maybe as time passes I will get settled into a new daily routine and be able to post as I had before. But for the time being that will be a little difficult.

I hope you all understand and I'll keep everyone updated.