Saturday 6 June 2015

Art, Creativity and Management

Ok so not a normal blog post. But I just had to share.

Who would of though that by entering an MBA with a special focus on sustainability I would have had the opportunity to take a special module on Art, creativity and management? and not only that but its also an international experience, in Nantes France?

I'm ecstatic about it. 

My other interaction this year also with management and art was when I went to a talk in the RAMM museum about a month ago on "Culture-makers" with Simon Cronshaw, co-founder of Remix Summits.  Which was about how you can become an entrepreneur but based on a cultural aspects. It was a thrilling and  innovative talk.

So for my class on Monday I have been asked to choose a piece of artwork, sculpture, music anything that would inspire us. Which of course is so difficult for me, I love so many things so....

-Bernini, he is after all my favorite  sculptor ans seeing as I saw a documentary on human sculpture it would be easy to talk to.... but no too easy who hasn't seen  the rape of Proserpina

-Rosin, with his brilliant colors and amazing attention to detail and draping of fabrics that you just want to reach out and touch??

A master then maybe DaVinci? Bellini? Donatello?

something funny like Arcimboldo?

No... no....

Well  did finally choose, but I'm not telling quite yet.... its something simple and beautiful , but its who it was done by and the story of the artist that makes it interesting right?? I'll show you all next week once I present it, and see if I get the response I'm looking for... and hopefully no one will ruin it....