Sunday, 31 March 2013

designer loves art...Paul Howard Manship ...174

sometimes your weakness shows you your strength

this is Paun Manship

born in Minnesota in 1885  you would always find him doodling and intended to follow a future of painting, unfortunately or fortunately he was colorblind, so he when into sculpture. he studies art both in the use and in Europe, location where he found his own  style based on his love for classic  Rome and Greece. he is called the predecessor  of Art deco, with clean lines and amazing movement. he was well known in NYC  where he was acclaimed for some time. his work includes, sculptures, coins medals and some busts.

*all work is property of the artist *

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

designer creates...02

here is week 2. and as usual we started with geometric forms. shading of them and position on the horizon  also as an activity of why we need to use the geometric forms and how they are in everything  we drew an eye.
 materials paper and Ebony pencil...(but shhh its my secret drawing pencil don't tell anyone)

Geometric forms

*all work are my own*
comments and critiques are always welcome

Saturday, 23 March 2013

designer loves art...Will Ryman...173

you can run, but you cant hide

this is  Will Ryman

born in NY he comes from a family if artist, and although he tried to get away from it, he understood it was his calling to he went for it. lately 2 of his exhibitions come to mind. and by which he might be quickly recognized. first his installation of "flowers" in NYC and his installation "America". he works in big scales, part of it i believe it see show a child view . but was well as a contradiction, you have a flower made of steel, representing something alive  that from a lifeless material. which let me to think about all those plastic flowers used in decoration... 

*all work is property of the artist *

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

designer creates...01

so designer creates will be a little experiment, it will showcase something that i did or are in the process of making, it can include drawing, painting or what ever im doing at the moment.

this time im starting with drawing, ive just started a drawing class, and though its all the way from the beginning its im talking it as a refresher, every teacher always teaches something different. and its always good to go back to your roots and the basics.  my teachers name Mario Parra and everything has been done in an 2 hr class.

lets see how this goes....

so first week 

gradient exercise

folded page 1

folded page 2

*all work are my own*
comments and critiques are always welcome

Sunday, 17 March 2013

designer loves art...Lee Oscar Lawrie..172

some are grown into a trade since teenage years

this is Lee Oscar Lawrie

born in Germany, but  raised in the Chicago in the USA. he started helping for Richard Henry park as a teenager. because of Chicago's nature to host may artist, he had a chance to work and train with many of them. it wasn't long before he became known as an architectural sculpture. he is one of the few artist who  have evolved with the art periods. which can be seen between the  gothic to art deco. his work is always on display in many cities.

*all work is property of the artist *

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Friday, 8 March 2013

designer loves art...Lucas Simoes...171

sometimes what we study changes our perceptions

this is Lucas Simoes

living in San Paulo, his background is in architecture and design.  and this has changed his view of art, drawing and sculpture. so he uses known materials such as magazines to deconstruct and reconstruct over that bu burning, forming, cutting, between other techniques. he is attracted to strangeness and if he can make this strangeness beautiful, he as achieved his purpose  he has exhibited  all around the world. personally some of his work i enjoy and like the complexity he takes his work to. but others not so much.  hope he continues with his work.

*all work is property of the artist *

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

designer loves art...Tamara de Lempicka...170

life sometimes takes very drastic turns

this is Tamara de Lempicka

born in Poland or Russia  she was exposed to French masters since very young thanks to her grandmother. in her life time she was quite a traveller  part because of her life and another part trying to run away from upcoming wars such as WW2. her style is quite elegant and colourful  yet you can see traces or art-deco. she was quite well known during her time in Paris, but later moved on to the US and live her old age in Mexico. her most popular work was done during the late 20's but her style became softer in time and it was close to impossible to go back to that at an advanced age.

*all work is property of the artist *

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