Wednesday, 27 February 2013

save the Vaquitas link

ok, i know its wednesday and i'll will post  Friday, 

but i wanted everyone to know i just updated the links bar, and added a "save the "vaquitas"".
 this link will take you to a WWF where i placed my cause.
 if you are willing and able i would love for you guys to donate for the cause.


Friday, 22 February 2013

designer loves art..Joseph Paxton...169

for some people music and sculpture naturally comes together

this is Joseph Paxton

Living in London, he grew up in the farm land, so it shouldn't be a surprise that all his sculptures are mostly of animals. his work shows the animal while on movement, yet with this vitality you perceived form the pieces, if you look closer you will actually see how delicate they really are. which is what firstly attracted me to his work. he  is having quite a few exhibits around London and he is a musician.hope to see more of his work in the near future.

and no, i do not believe he is related to Sir Joseph Paxton, who i wrote 2 weeks ago, but let me know if i'm mistaken.

*all work is property of the artist *

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Friday, 15 February 2013

designer loves art... Gustave Eiffel...168

sometimes creating structures that will  remember your name for years do not make you excepted of the affairs of your times

this is Gustave Eiffel

born in France, he graduated from Ă‰cole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures. after that he focused on building bridges, but that did not exclude him from helping build the observatory in Nice with a rotating dome. He's big break was when he was asked to help create a structure that would support the copper skin of the statue of liberty  which was given to the USA. his next big project was the creation of the Eiffel tower, which during its creation it was looked as amusing for its height it really was not liked by the french, it took some years for the people of France to warm up to it and view it as art. unfortunately Eiffel also had lows, he was involved in controversy when a project in panama went bad, although he was not personally charged for anything hes honor and dignity where questioned. he lasted the last of his days studying aerodynamics.

all work is property of the artist *
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Friday, 8 February 2013

designer loves art...Irina Vinnik...167

not everyone has the ability to create intricate artwork

this is Irina Vinnik

born in Russia. she studied architecture, at the moment, she illustrate books and even has her own calendar. she uses digital art,  pencil, pens & watercolor. in her webpage you can see her ability quite easily. i would say she is inspired by art nouveau, her work is intricate, visually attractive and her use of color is soft but empowering. hope to see more of her work soon.

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Friday, 1 February 2013

designer loves art... Sir Joseph Paxton...166

most of the times, when you follow your passion, fame and fortune follow

this is Sir Joseph Paxton

born in England  he was was a gardener and designer. because of how much he enjoyed gardening, he got the position of head gardener in Chatsworth house. there he not only met his wife, but its when he started building "hothouses" which are what we call green houses. because of this he became known, to the point of giving the commission of building the " crystal palace"  for the 1851 great exhibition. and although it was very criticized during its construction, it was a great success when finished and the exhibition opened. Paxton kept his job at Chatsworth all of his life, but he also worked in outside projects.

*All work is property of the artist *
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