Wednesday 29 August 2012

designer loves art... Anna-Wili Highfield...153

cotton paper+paint+thead+needle=

this is Anna-Wili Highfield

living in Sydney, she studied fine arts at the national art school in Sydney and worked for  Opera Austraila  before she bought to life her animals. for her  the creating progress is something that is ongoing and that rarely has a plan beforehand. her inspiration is nature an music. although she is just starting she has already have worked for big firms like Hermes and Antropologie. i expect to see more of her soon.

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Tuesday 14 August 2012

designer loves art...Marguerite Gerard...152

what does one need to become one of the first French female  recognized in the18th  century?

this is Marguerite Gerard 

born in France she was taken in by her sister and her husband Jean-Honore Frangonard who at the time was living in the Louvre in France, who exposed her to many painters and various types of art styles. by the age of  24 she already had a reputation  as a genre painter and the first French woman to be so. she is mostly known for her intimate domestic paintings. her style, based in 17th century Dutch , of accurate details and blended brushstrokes  made her technique  impressive, that combined with her smaller scale paintings  helped her grow in reputation.

*All work is property of the artist *
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