Friday 27 February 2015

Is Design trying to Cover up for art??

This week there was a new exposition in the library here in the university. As always I get excited and go take a look once I'm able to. I'm not going to go into details but it left me sad, angry and a little desperate. The artists technique although not bad, I have frequently seen it, so his abilities might be of medium quality. So how did the artist try to compensate? By creating brutal unpleasant images, but attracting your eye with cheerful colours.

So it got me thinking of all the people that have to see it every day and tolerate it. Wait did I just say TOLERATE!!! art??? we have to learn to tolerate it? and live with it. Where is my love for beauty, for aesthetically pleasing forms and figures gone to? where form follow function... and don't I already get bombarded online with brutal images every day? in the newspaper and in the media? why oh why do I have to see it art as well.  Now you can argue with me that is reality, I know I don't live in a bubble...

Form follows function a discussion every engineer will have with a designer. Which let me to think... are we as designers trying to cover up for what art is not doing? we want beautiful webpages,  beautiful object, awe inspiring cars. The constant debate on what is beauty in humans, photoshoped or not?

If we go back in history it was the other way around, objects yes were useful but utilitarian and art was in rooms to bring smiles joy life and beauty, give us inspiration and aspiration.

So has design trying to make up for the lacking of true art?

Again this are my own points of view, and I will keep expressing them though this medium since its of my own creation.