Friday, 29 November 2013

designer loves art...Paula Rego...199

with art you can sometimes show the difficulties your country  passed while growing up.

this is Paula Rego

Portuguese by birth, her family was very strong in putting her in an English school  then went on to study in Slade School of Fine Art in London. where she met her husband , also an artist, Victor Willings. because Portugal was in a autocratic regime when she was growing up, you can see this depicted in many of her artwork. her artwork which has been though many  techniques, shows a dark fairytale, mostly portrayed by woman.  each of her pieces have a story of their own and are  filled with symbolism. although  from my point of view sometimes are  little grotesque the fascinating stories each piece shows amazes me.

*all work is property of the artist *
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Friday, 22 November 2013

designer loves art...Jan van Eyck...198

Mastering a technique is difficult, but it's even more difficult to perfect it,

this is Jan van Eyck

flemish  by birth although the exact details of his birth are in-existent, he is believed to have been born around 1390. it can be said that he perfected the oil technique by adding precious metals into his painting giving the view a perception of highlights in the paining. he also provided a sagacity of realism that was not used at the time.  nevertheless in the majority of  his paining he tried to deceive the viewers such as the reflection of imaginary things in mirrors. i love his use of colors in the folding of fabric in each of his paintings,  its delicate, vibrant  yet it gives the sense of fluidity  fabric has. so remember to watch out for the reflections in his paintings.

*all work is property of the artist *
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Thursday, 14 November 2013


Hi everyone, no post this week, I have a Big exam Saturday, so no time this week.
Until next week.

Friday, 8 November 2013

designer loves art...Olly Moss...197

some are lucky that their hobby become their career.

this is Olly Moss

born in the Winchester, he is now one of the most sought out  illustrators, having been published in "The New York Times", "Empire" and several other publications. even though he graduated with a literature degree from Birmingham University. for him what started out as a hobby turns into a full time career. he was first noticed by Gallery 1988, who started to show his work and to sell it, provided  the exposure for him to be approached by mayor companies. i personally love his profile cutouts collection (over 300) and the different techniques he used to make them. what first caught my eye to  his work is his simplicity and undertones. true to the saying "less is more".

*all work is property of the artist *
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Friday, 1 November 2013

designer loves art...Sir George Gilbert Scott...196

thankfully some architecture becomes rediscovers before it becomes ruined.

this is Sir George Gilbert Scott

born in  Buckinghamshire, he became  the leading architect in the Gothic Revival movement during the 19th century. he was always fascinated by the medieval gothic style architecture, because of its intricate design, stained glass and metal work. for his work he became knighted on 1872 and went on to become president of the royal institute of British architects. unfortunately,  movements and styles  becomes unfashionable, so his work in the 20th century was over looked and fell into  decay and were almost demolished. fortunately in the last 15 years an admiration for that time period  architecture have given this work  appreciation and with that restoration.

*all work is property of the artist *
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