Monday, 14 January 2019

Happy 2019 & 300 Drawing Prompts project

Hello everyone..

I know its been a while, and while I'm still in the soul searching, whats next on my life wave, I thought that I'll try this little project mean while. And I clearly need to get back to sketching....
I'm not sure what route this will take , but  I need a little more accountability to go thought it.

So the project 300 Drawing Prompts one drawing a day. (M-F) 

I found his book and Barnes and Nobles and thought it perfect for one of my new years resolution, and who doesn't need a little help rather than looking at a white page with nothing to go at. The book/journal/sketchbook (which you can buy here if you want to join) gives you a drawing prompt and you go with it.

I an not sure if it will be a one image per day of one post with the 5 in the week, but we will see how it goes. 
Sketch of full on drawing? I don't know we'll see what happens.

Here we start: D1

Monday, 26 March 2018

WEEK 5 Assignment - How to make a comic MOOC

Hi everyone,

First I apologize, I did not realize that I didn't actually upload part #5 of the How to make a comic MOOC

Which is Inking and in my case final drawings.
 This part actually took some time, since not only did I have to finish the artwork for it, but I also had to ink it.

This made me realize that the area for each drawings is way to small since I couldn't get all the detail that I wanted and/or needed.

But none the less here it is.

So here it is, so week 6 is about cleaning up printing copies and bounding the comic, which I understand but I decided not to go with it since I'm not to happy of the art work.

Final Thought on the MOOC,

I really enjoyed it. The MOOC took me to a whole new understanding of what it takes to make a comic, which is not as strait forward as I though it was. but very useful to know and keep in mind.

Later on re-draw the whole comic in much larger panels and actually make it a comic, but I am happy enough as it is to finish off the MOOC.

I am tacking some more drawing courses online, and might place here some of my practices from those, I'm not too sure yet. Since I'm still trying to find a style I'm comfortable enough with.

Thanks to all of you readers, and hope you enjoyed this little journey as well.

Take care ;)

* Comic, Story and script are property of designerlovesart*

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Week 4 Assignment... how to make a comic MOOC

Hi everyone,

So here is week 4 of the How to make a Comic MOOC.

I admit that I have not completely finished this part, which is why I didn't post it last week.

This week the comic itself was drawn and designed, learned that the text of the comic is one is the most important parts of each scene. It brought me flashbacks of my hand drafting years, who would of thought.

So here it is " Where are my Keys?"

I know I need to place much more detail in before the next step. But here it is,

* Comic, Story and script are property of designerlovesart*

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