Guest Post Guideline

Guest Post Guideline for Designer Loves Art

1.       Title or subject of the post has to be approved by DLA before the writing and submission of the post.
2.       Must be original context and only for Designer Loves Art (DLA will own the post)
3.       The post must include an image or up to 3 of the artist you are talking about.
4.       The post must also include a link to your information source, (wikipedia is not accepted)
5.       You are welcome to include a personal bio, website link, at the bottom of the post. you will get full credit for the post.
6.        DLA  will promote it on Twitter and Facebook, but in order for the most amount of people to see your work, be sure to promote it on your website/blog/Twitter/Facebook page.
7.       Post will be received in a word format DLA will be the one who will post and tag the post.
8.       DLA is  not entitle to publish the post is I see it doesn't fit the blog.
9.       A return post can be given at a later time if it is desired by the guest blogger.
10.    All guest posts must be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.

Some more points,
·         The topic of the post can be contributed from the guest blogger or can be given by DLA.
·         DLA can help with the search of the imager required, or will search for better quality ones if needed.
·         “Please don’t be offended if we suggest changes.
·         links to museums, online web-galleries, galleries and official pages of the artist are accepted

*Designer Loves Art = DLA

*this guideline is subjected to change