Saturday, 26 February 2011

designer loves art... 60... Charis Tsevies

we have all seen those images in which pictures or images from another picture when looked from a distant point of view...
this is Charis Tsevies
living in Athens, Greece he has his own studio that goes by his name. with a degree in graphic design and a masters in visual design. he has worked for clients such as TIME, Sports illustrated, Toyota and IKEA between others.
he has an excellent idea for compositions and use of color. it comes of no surprise that he has given lectures in international conferences.

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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

designer loves art... 59... Diego Velazquez

not many artist become renowned when they turn 24 years of age..
this is Diego Velazquez
one of the most recognized Spanish painters of the 17th century.
he was appointed as court painter, and became a favorite of the king Philip IV for the rest of his life. most of his recognized work are portraits of royals. placing them in natural poses made the royal family more human than on contrast the stiff postures used before. in his last portraits of the royal family he showed this ability in the use of color and detail with the clothing his subjects.

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Thursday, 17 February 2011

back next week

hey everyone i will post next week, im out of town this week.


Friday, 11 February 2011

link mistake

i just realized that the link on the Norman Rockwell post was incorrect. i offer my apologies. i have already corrected it in the post.


designer loves art... 58... Matthew Cusick

Collage: an artistic composition made of various materials glued on a surface often unifying lines and color...
this is Matthew Cusick
a NY native who currently lives in Dallas has a unique and interesting concept when it comes into making a collage.
he makes incredible images out of the juxtaposition , color and lines of maps. or he takes the images of a bible and makes then a beautiful night starry night. a lot of patience and vision is shown in his art work. in this case im showing 1 images and a detail view to each one. so go on try and make a collage of your own.

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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

designer loves art... 57... Donatello

some artists may be considered temperamental, because they ask for artistic freedom, not many patrons are or where able to provide that....
this is Donatello
one of the most important renaissance artist in Italy, much is known about his work. mostly a marble and bronze sculptor.
he is called a realist, because his work has so much life that its even considers a portrait sculptures. he experimented a lot with marble reliefs and different techniques. he worked until his death under the service of the Medici. I am personally marveled by the fluently that his work has, as well as the amount of detail in each piece.

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Saturday, 5 February 2011

designer loves art... 56... Fernando Botero

not many artist go against the flow, in a culture where perfection goes to the thin and tall appearance there are some brave enough to do it.
this is Fernando Botero
born in Colombia his work is easily recognized all over the world. there are several ways to see his works, one is from a surrealist point of view, another form the realist point of view and the mix of both. i personally find his work disturbing, not only because of the lack of a real proportion, but because he has the nerve or the bravery to touch on subject such as his Abu Ghrain series ( highly violet images NOT shown below). he is good with shading an d has a good use of color he is also known for "coping or representing" some known work such as the Mona Lisa. he has also dome many sculptures seen all over the world.
but you make your own opinion on his work. like it or dislike him you can't talk about contemporary art without looking him up.

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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

designer loves art.. 55... El Greco

sometimes the work of an artist is not quite understood until some years later
this is El Greco
Cretan born he is called the predecessor of expressionism, greatly inspired by Tintoretto and Michelangelo. he has a great talent for composition and was talents in painting, sculpture and architecture.
he excelled in portraits and was been said to have gone mad. none the less he was able to introduce allot of movement and coldness at the same time to his work without much color. this made his work not be completely understood until later years.
he has his own museum in Toledo.

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