Saturday 29 January 2011

designer loves art.. 54.. Isaac Salazar

books and origami....... no i'm not talking about books of how to make origami.

this is Isaac Salazar

(click in fotostream)

i stumbled with him today, he oddly enough doesn't consider himself creative yet i would beg to differ.with a combination if folding the pages and maybe some little cuts in the pages hes making 3d words in old books, i love what he is doing and i think he can have a bright future and hopefully we will see more of his work around ;)

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Wednesday 26 January 2011

designer loves art.. 53.. Canova

we haven't talked about sculptures in a while so here we go.
this is Antonio Canova
born in Venice he is considered the best sculptor of his time. he was greatly inspired by roman art. thus making him a Neoclassicist.
he worked in Paris for a while, during the war, and made several sculptures of Napoleon's family while basing them on classical mythological characters.
he had a great talent with marble, and most of his work can be perceived as tranquil subjects.

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Sunday 23 January 2011

designer loves art.. 52.. Resa Blatman

i have always enjoyed victorian decoration, but to what extent can it be used???
this is Resa Blatman
she is said to be inspired in baroque, romantic and victorian styles.
and this is easily perceived, she has an interesting composition and use of color. her new work is laser cut which bring a lot if her detail work to be shown. might be a little too much for my taste but she does work with a very interesting concept.

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Wednesday 19 January 2011

designer loves art.. 51.. Giuseppe Arcimboldo

who hasn't played with their food, and made a smiley face out of French fries and ketchup. or even with any kind of food?
this is Giuseppe Arcimboldo
he is one of the first to implement what we now call an optical illusion, and had way to personification many sciences. he used brilliant color and a dark background.
one of the things that mostly surprised me about his was this ability to sketch though not much known i really liked his horse harnesses as well as his costume designs.

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Friday 14 January 2011

designer loves art.. 50... Brandon McCraine

bottle caps, we see them almost daily, all of them different, different colors, but what can we do with them???
this is Brandon McCranie
born in Mississippi he studied in delta state university and in Italy, he runs his own small gallery and works mostly from his home studio.
I find his work entertaining and happy, he is recycling and you can send him your own bottle caps to be turned into art ;)

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Wednesday 12 January 2011

designer loves art.. 49... Raffaello

we have all had important teachers, but who would be privileged to learn from masters like Perugino, Leonardo and Michelangelo?
this is Raffaello
Italian painter and architect that started painting since very young and was considered a master by the age of 19, he has the opportunity to work under that tutelage of Perugino in Perugia and in Florence Leonardo and Michelangelo. but unlike the two masters, Raffaello developed a calmer lighter style in his work.
most of his subject where or a religious matter. But one of his most recognized frescos that goes by the name of " the school of Athens" is of a mythical background. also he had a great talent for portraits.
personally I love his use of light colors and the peaceful interactions between his subjects as well as his use of perspective in his frescos

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Friday 7 January 2011

designer loves art.. 48.. Scott Wade

who hasn't written something on the back windows of a dirty car....."wash me"? a happy face? squibles??
this is Scott Wade
he lives in the USA. he got the idea while driving his car to and from work. he already an artist decided to experiment a little
with this so this are his results. he is a wonderfully skilled copier, the Mona Lisa, Frida Kahlo, nature scenes and even portraits.
so next time you look at a dirty window, try something different get a little creative and don't only write "wash me... ;)

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designer loves art.. 47.. Edgar Degas

it is sometimes perceived that the life of an artist is usually a bad one, and that the artist had to suffer misery, for it to inspire him or her and make the best of their work.... well this is not always the truth...
this is Edgar Degas
born in France from a family of means . He was part of the impressionism movement. even though he liked to call himself a "realist".
his favorite subjects where racing horses and ballerinas, which include most of his known art as well as some nude . I personally like his style even though its considered and impressionist I kind his work to be full of detail, light and color. even though he preferred pastes as his medium.

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