Thursday, 28 April 2011

designer loves art....Erick Johansson..74

we have all heard of photo manipulations.. but to what extent?
this is Erick Johansson
living in Sweden he is a photographer and retoucher.
I do like his work, its well done, it is quite surrealist to a point but it's kind of how it's supposed to be,
and I can see the never ending "loops" in several of his works
I believe he has a bright future in front of him

*All work is property of the artist *
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Monday, 25 April 2011

designer loves art...72...Carl Nebel

there aren't many images of life in Mexico in the 1830's....
this is Carl Nebel
(both of them in Spanish i couldn't find one in English unfortunately)
architect and draftsman born in Germany, he lived in Mexico for about 5 years in the 19th century.
he showed his art work in Paris in 1836. giving that part of the world a glimpse of how life was lived in Mexico back then.
his work is colorful, and his drawings of cities do truly show how things where back then.
it's very emotional to me at least to see how life was back then.

*All work is property of the artist *
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Friday, 22 April 2011

designer loves art...72... Adam Miller

now a days not many get to study in Florence at the age of 16...

this is Adam Miller

born in oregon he has gotten an extensive training of classical paining techinques studying renaissaince artwork. he uses a combination of old and new subjects, and is quite known for his figure painting. i personaly admire the way he paints skin, its transparency, its shadows and the emotion that hes is able to show. i think is a great realist.

*all works property of the artist*

Saturday, 16 April 2011

designer loves art...71...William Turner

who many artist are mostly known because of their landscape work?
this is William Turner
born in London in 1775, he recognized as one of the greatest landscape painters of all time.
he has an interesting way of painting, many of his paintings are dark, and what you are able to see in them is because of the reflection of a light source. on his later work he got so free that his work is like light, weightless almost ethereal with wonderful mixes of color. and a fog like feeling in the landscapes.

*All work is property of the artist *
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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

designer loves art...70...Glenn jones

who hasn't seen a t-shirt that with just the graphics makes you laugh?
this is Glenn Jones
(click on the Behance portfolio)
he is a freelance graphic designer in New Zealand. he has now focused on his own line of t-shirts .
he has a funny and sometimes ironic humor, he has excellent skills which makes them all come to life. I hope you look at his portfolio and have a laugh or two.

*All work is property of the artist *
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Sunday, 10 April 2011

out of town

Sorry guys.... I was out of town last week I will resume posting this week.
thanks ;)