Monday, 26 March 2018

WEEK 5 Assignment - How to make a comic MOOC

Hi everyone,

First I apologize, I did not realize that I didn't actually upload part #5 of the How to make a comic MOOC

Which is Inking and in my case final drawings.
 This part actually took some time, since not only did I have to finish the artwork for it, but I also had to ink it.

This made me realize that the area for each drawings is way to small since I couldn't get all the detail that I wanted and/or needed.

But none the less here it is.

So here it is, so week 6 is about cleaning up printing copies and bounding the comic, which I understand but I decided not to go with it since I'm not to happy of the art work.

Final Thought on the MOOC,

I really enjoyed it. The MOOC took me to a whole new understanding of what it takes to make a comic, which is not as strait forward as I though it was. but very useful to know and keep in mind.

Later on re-draw the whole comic in much larger panels and actually make it a comic, but I am happy enough as it is to finish off the MOOC.

I am tacking some more drawing courses online, and might place here some of my practices from those, I'm not too sure yet. Since I'm still trying to find a style I'm comfortable enough with.

Thanks to all of you readers, and hope you enjoyed this little journey as well.

Take care ;)

* Comic, Story and script are property of designerlovesart*

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Week 4 Assignment... how to make a comic MOOC

Hi everyone,

So here is week 4 of the How to make a Comic MOOC.

I admit that I have not completely finished this part, which is why I didn't post it last week.

This week the comic itself was drawn and designed, learned that the text of the comic is one is the most important parts of each scene. It brought me flashbacks of my hand drafting years, who would of thought.

So here it is " Where are my Keys?"

I know I need to place much more detail in before the next step. But here it is,

* Comic, Story and script are property of designerlovesart*

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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Week three assignment... How to make a comic MOOC

Hi everyone,

So here we are in week 3, I cant believe I am half way though now, and its has been an interesting MOOC.

Truth be told I didn't know or even imagined this step existed, Although it makes a lot of sense to put it in. In this step we had all 4 pages of our comic in a single page, and each page had its own 4 panels. 
 While reading though the material, I came to understood why its so relevant. As in painting, you want to be able to guide the eye so it can go though all the painting, and this is what this step does. Not only does it show you how you have to guide the eye, but you start thinking on position of things in the limited space you have.  

So here is my thumbnail study for "Where are my Keys?"

So here it is! I can now see how the comic is starting to get in shape.

* Story and script are property of designerlovesart*

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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Week Two assignment... How to Make a comic MOOC

Hello everyone here we are in week 2 of my MOOC.

Interesting enough we haven't started drawing, but we are starting with the script of the little comic.

And so here it is!

It was interesting to create this script. And I can see how the comic structure is being created, and it makes for saving in time instead of starting drawing right away.

In other news I's still sketching on finding my own style, and I can see that I am getting somewhere.  How ever I am not ready to show it quite yet, since I've been practicing it on the characters on this little comic.

* Story and script are property of designerlovesart*

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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Week one Assignment... How to Make a Comic MOOC.

Hi everyone,

As I dive into step #4 of finding my style (still in process), week #1 of my MOOC started.

This week was the start of the class where we were told the materials that we would need and the dynamics of the class was started. Because I am doing this for fun I took the Audit route of the class.

For the first week we where asked to do 2 things, 
1) a 5 minute sketch
2) the idea for a little comic that would be no more than 4 pages long.


1) so here is my 5 min sketch, and all  I can say is that I am really rusty and clearly need more drawing practice again.....

2) Title: Where are my Keys
Where are my keys is a little comic in which the main character is a fairy. It's starts by a woman summoning the fairy to ask her to help her find her keys. Once summoned the fairy tells her short story of how she met the woman while the fairy looks for the woman keys. Once she locates the keys she places the keys in the most visible position for the woman to see the keys. Then the woman suddenly sees they keys, laughs a little and thanks the fairy and leaves. The fairy ends saying that even though the woman can't see her, she is grateful to help her when she can.
This little story is based on idea that we all misplace something and somehow it ends up right in front of our own eyes. But with a little magical twist that the item is actually misplaced and that the fairy is the one that places it in the place we can see it in the end. I need a little more time to figure how it is the fairy met the woman to make the fairy talk a little. Instead of just seeing the fairy looking through different areas to find the keys...

And these where my assignments for week one. Lets see how this journey takes us.

* sketch and Idea are property of designerlovesart*
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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Finding your own style #3...

Hi everyone,

I have found this process interesting and it is about to get even more interesting. Taking a step back  I found somewhat of a similar style at least between 2 of the chosen styles, but then if that is what I like.... then lets see how we do.

Step #3 Analyze each of the images you chose.

Da Vinci:
-portrait studies
-softness of expression
-smooth face
-neutrality of her expression
-proportions of the face.
-color pallet (browns)

-cleanliness of lines
-different with of the lines
-simple shading
-expression of the face
-movement of the hair
-implisit beauty

Danica Sills:
-clothing style
-drawing style

And that ends our step# 3. By the way this is just a summery of the step. I mostly did it with Pen and Paper.

One more step to go.

*all work is property of the artist *
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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Finding your own style step #1 & 2...

Hi everyone

Lets get started!!
As mentioned before I will be using the steps posted by Christopher Kerry which can be found here  if you are interested in also following them.

I wont be copying his explanations for each steps, so go look at his tutorial to find all the information you need.

Step #1  Identify 3 artists or art Styles that really resonate with you emotionally

Artists #1 Classical: If you know me even a little bit you know that im a great fan of the old classics, but in this case I'm going to choose Leonardo Da Vinci

Artist #2 Art Nouveau : One of the most beautiful and elegant art styles in my opinion , we are going with  Alphonse Mucha

Artist #3 Contemporary :  this one was difficult. there are so many talented artist out there right now, however im only going to be looking at line-art  for this  activity so I'm going with Danica Sills.

Step #2 Chose one image that best represents each of your choices from step one.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Alphonse Mucha

Danica Sills

And that ends our step #1 and #2  , 3 and 4 will have their own posts. 
lets see what this journey takes us.

*all work is property of the artist *
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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Dusting off the blog! the start of a new project..

Hi everyone,

So I currently have time on my hands,  and I decided that I should star with a new personal growth project.

For years I have been on and off on art classes, and this time I felt that I needed to start on something new, which lead me into Illustration and Graphic novels.  Why because partly its something I have not tried before, how ever during my life I have said that I would like to illustrate a book or even to create a coloring book ( since they are in fashion now for both adults and children).

One of my last art classes was on watercolour, and I started watching quite a few videos on the technique, and you find everything in youtube, from good and welcome advise and tutorials, to people who don't understand the technique well. This how ever let me to understand that I don't have an art style of my own. 

So for the next weeks we are going to start on this new route of Illustration and graphic novels as well as finding an appropriate style for such medium.

To start of I have searched thought the internet, to start on this journey and I have divided into 2 parts.
1) "Finding your style" by Christopher Kerry  which I will be starting and posting each of the steps as I go.

2)Online courses,
    Coursera: How to make a comic book
    Kadenze: Comic: Art in relationship

I will start posting here as I go along in each one of the steps. I will be posting every week, but it might be delayed on the according week.

My pinterest will now also have a new folder for inspiration on this little projects, from art styles to images, to online little tutorials.

Lets start with the new year!