Tuesday, 25 December 2012

designer loves art...Corinne Malvern...163

who doesnt know frosty???

this is Corinne Malvern

as yearly tradition im taking the time to find who we owe the first images of a beloved Christmas character, this time it took  me to Frosty. Malvern was an american child actor, but soon moved on to study art. she started illustrating for fashion then to children's books. 32 books in total. her work is delicate, and representative, with brilliant use of color and of course quite a bit of detail.

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Friday, 21 December 2012

designer loves art....the art book...162

so whats the best birthday gift you could give me??

THE ART BOOK of course
by Phaidon

ok so this is a post a little different from usual... its about a great book i got for my birthday.. so thing what do you get a designer who loves art? well an art book of course. i absolutely love this book, where it not so big i would be carrying it everywhere. although its not a specialty book in certain era or artist like some of the other books i have. its great as a go to book, it has a beautiful image of one painting/sculpture/piece per artist and  some information from the artist. it comes in A to Z format so you could find an renascence artist next to a contemporary one.  its a great book and i truly recommend it .

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Friday, 14 December 2012

designer loves art... Sylvia Ji...161

sometimes it takes an outsider to show you your best...

this is Sylvia Ji

Living in LA, she grew up in a family of artists,  and is said that she was trying to emulate her sister, who also is an artist and graduated from  the Academy of Art of SF. she does paint beautify and her images bring forward, sensuality, and power that a woman can have. what i find really interesting though, is how she was able to learn so much about a culture where she wasn't brought up in, that she is able to create this images. me being a Mexican, i can understand her use of Catrina and i'm astounded by her work. maybe it does take an outsider to show you how you can appreciate and how beautiful your culture is.

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

design of blog

hi everyone, 
just to let everyone know that i'm playing with the design of the blog, sorry if it looks weird or unattractive at the moment

designer loves art.... Giotto di Bondone...160

many artist brought something into  renaissance  art

this is Giotto di Bondone

born in Florence , he was recognized by Dante as a great artist of his time. he is one of the most recognized figures of Italian high renaissance, and many images of the time are attributed to him. although personally I find him a little lacking, he does not have the movement  of Michelangelo, nor the space of Raffaello,  in his work you can see strait lines and boxes to represent a space, everything is quite geometric but doesn't have the correct perspective at times. he does however bring a interesting visual of religious topics. you can see that all of this work was meticulously planned making that  with one glance know what part of the sacred history he is trying to represent. 

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