Friday 15 February 2013

designer loves art... Gustave Eiffel...168

sometimes creating structures that will  remember your name for years do not make you excepted of the affairs of your times

this is Gustave Eiffel

born in France, he graduated from Ă‰cole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures. after that he focused on building bridges, but that did not exclude him from helping build the observatory in Nice with a rotating dome. He's big break was when he was asked to help create a structure that would support the copper skin of the statue of liberty  which was given to the USA. his next big project was the creation of the Eiffel tower, which during its creation it was looked as amusing for its height it really was not liked by the french, it took some years for the people of France to warm up to it and view it as art. unfortunately Eiffel also had lows, he was involved in controversy when a project in panama went bad, although he was not personally charged for anything hes honor and dignity where questioned. he lasted the last of his days studying aerodynamics.

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