Thursday 6 December 2012

designer loves art.... Giotto di Bondone...160

many artist brought something into  renaissance  art

this is Giotto di Bondone

born in Florence , he was recognized by Dante as a great artist of his time. he is one of the most recognized figures of Italian high renaissance, and many images of the time are attributed to him. although personally I find him a little lacking, he does not have the movement  of Michelangelo, nor the space of Raffaello,  in his work you can see strait lines and boxes to represent a space, everything is quite geometric but doesn't have the correct perspective at times. he does however bring a interesting visual of religious topics. you can see that all of this work was meticulously planned making that  with one glance know what part of the sacred history he is trying to represent. 

*All work is property of the artist *
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