Wednesday 12 January 2011

designer loves art.. 49... Raffaello

we have all had important teachers, but who would be privileged to learn from masters like Perugino, Leonardo and Michelangelo?
this is Raffaello
Italian painter and architect that started painting since very young and was considered a master by the age of 19, he has the opportunity to work under that tutelage of Perugino in Perugia and in Florence Leonardo and Michelangelo. but unlike the two masters, Raffaello developed a calmer lighter style in his work.
most of his subject where or a religious matter. But one of his most recognized frescos that goes by the name of " the school of Athens" is of a mythical background. also he had a great talent for portraits.
personally I love his use of light colors and the peaceful interactions between his subjects as well as his use of perspective in his frescos

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