Monday 14 January 2019

Happy 2019 & 300 Drawing Prompts project

Hello everyone..

I know its been a while, and while I'm still in the soul searching, whats next on my life wave, I thought that I'll try this little project mean while. And I clearly need to get back to sketching....
I'm not sure what route this will take , but  I need a little more accountability to go thought it.

So the project 300 Drawing Prompts one drawing a day. (M-F) 

I found his book and Barnes and Nobles and thought it perfect for one of my new years resolution, and who doesn't need a little help rather than looking at a white page with nothing to go at. The book/journal/sketchbook (which you can buy here if you want to join) gives you a drawing prompt and you go with it.

I an not sure if it will be a one image per day of one post with the 5 in the week, but we will see how it goes. 
Sketch of full on drawing? I don't know we'll see what happens.

Here we start: D1