Monday 26 March 2018

WEEK 5 Assignment - How to make a comic MOOC

Hi everyone,

First I apologize, I did not realize that I didn't actually upload part #5 of the How to make a comic MOOC

Which is Inking and in my case final drawings.
 This part actually took some time, since not only did I have to finish the artwork for it, but I also had to ink it.

This made me realize that the area for each drawings is way to small since I couldn't get all the detail that I wanted and/or needed.

But none the less here it is.

So here it is, so week 6 is about cleaning up printing copies and bounding the comic, which I understand but I decided not to go with it since I'm not to happy of the art work.

Final Thought on the MOOC,

I really enjoyed it. The MOOC took me to a whole new understanding of what it takes to make a comic, which is not as strait forward as I though it was. but very useful to know and keep in mind.

Later on re-draw the whole comic in much larger panels and actually make it a comic, but I am happy enough as it is to finish off the MOOC.

I am tacking some more drawing courses online, and might place here some of my practices from those, I'm not too sure yet. Since I'm still trying to find a style I'm comfortable enough with.

Thanks to all of you readers, and hope you enjoyed this little journey as well.

Take care ;)

* Comic, Story and script are property of designerlovesart*

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