Saturday 3 February 2018

Week one Assignment... How to Make a Comic MOOC.

Hi everyone,

As I dive into step #4 of finding my style (still in process), week #1 of my MOOC started.

This week was the start of the class where we were told the materials that we would need and the dynamics of the class was started. Because I am doing this for fun I took the Audit route of the class.

For the first week we where asked to do 2 things, 
1) a 5 minute sketch
2) the idea for a little comic that would be no more than 4 pages long.


1) so here is my 5 min sketch, and all  I can say is that I am really rusty and clearly need more drawing practice again.....

2) Title: Where are my Keys
Where are my keys is a little comic in which the main character is a fairy. It's starts by a woman summoning the fairy to ask her to help her find her keys. Once summoned the fairy tells her short story of how she met the woman while the fairy looks for the woman keys. Once she locates the keys she places the keys in the most visible position for the woman to see the keys. Then the woman suddenly sees they keys, laughs a little and thanks the fairy and leaves. The fairy ends saying that even though the woman can't see her, she is grateful to help her when she can.
This little story is based on idea that we all misplace something and somehow it ends up right in front of our own eyes. But with a little magical twist that the item is actually misplaced and that the fairy is the one that places it in the place we can see it in the end. I need a little more time to figure how it is the fairy met the woman to make the fairy talk a little. Instead of just seeing the fairy looking through different areas to find the keys...

And these where my assignments for week one. Lets see how this journey takes us.

* sketch and Idea are property of designerlovesart*
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