Tuesday 30 January 2018

Finding your own style #3...

Hi everyone,

I have found this process interesting and it is about to get even more interesting. Taking a step back  I found somewhat of a similar style at least between 2 of the chosen styles, but then if that is what I like.... then lets see how we do.

Step #3 Analyze each of the images you chose.

Da Vinci:
-portrait studies
-softness of expression
-smooth face
-neutrality of her expression
-proportions of the face.
-color pallet (browns)

-cleanliness of lines
-different with of the lines
-simple shading
-expression of the face
-movement of the hair
-implisit beauty

Danica Sills:
-clothing style
-drawing style

And that ends our step# 3. By the way this is just a summery of the step. I mostly did it with Pen and Paper.

One more step to go.

*all work is property of the artist *
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