Friday 13 September 2013

designer loves art... Peter Paul Rubens...192

some artist are so talented that their popularity outlasts them

this is Peter Paul Rubens

born in Siegen, Germany he started painting at the age of 10,. in 1660 he traveled to Italy and got  to live under the protection of Cardenal Montalto, who in some cases used him in diplomatic missions. he later was able to leave  so he could continue his studies, this let him begin to discovery of the ancient world. Rubens is known for this religious paintings, portraits of aristocracy ,love for classical mythology and frescoes in several chapels.  which by him becoming the court painter in France for a while comes of no surprise. part of what is enchanting about his paintings is the vitality that he gives in his paintings, his colors and like said earlier his classicist style. he is one of the few that were outlived by his popularity.

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