Wednesday, 20 March 2013

designer creates...01

so designer creates will be a little experiment, it will showcase something that i did or are in the process of making, it can include drawing, painting or what ever im doing at the moment.

this time im starting with drawing, ive just started a drawing class, and though its all the way from the beginning its im talking it as a refresher, every teacher always teaches something different. and its always good to go back to your roots and the basics.  my teachers name Mario Parra and everything has been done in an 2 hr class.

lets see how this goes....

so first week 

gradient exercise

folded page 1

folded page 2

*all work are my own*
comments and critiques are always welcome


  1. Where are you taking classes?

    Mario Parra is an excellent teacher! He is the reason I can draw decent enough human bodies.

    Good luck!

    - a friend who does not hide! ;P

  2. Hi, Im taking classes at the local university.
    And i agree about him beeing a great teacher, i was taking oil with him for a year. Thats why i specifficly took this drawing class. Because he taught it.
    Thanks for commenting