Thursday 15 February 2018

Week three assignment... How to make a comic MOOC

Hi everyone,

So here we are in week 3, I cant believe I am half way though now, and its has been an interesting MOOC.

Truth be told I didn't know or even imagined this step existed, Although it makes a lot of sense to put it in. In this step we had all 4 pages of our comic in a single page, and each page had its own 4 panels. 
 While reading though the material, I came to understood why its so relevant. As in painting, you want to be able to guide the eye so it can go though all the painting, and this is what this step does. Not only does it show you how you have to guide the eye, but you start thinking on position of things in the limited space you have.  

So here is my thumbnail study for "Where are my Keys?"

So here it is! I can now see how the comic is starting to get in shape.

* Story and script are property of designerlovesart*

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