Monday, 24 October 2016


Hello everyone, 

Its been a while since I posted on the blog and apology for that. 
As you probably know at the beginning of this year I graduated form my MBA in England. It was a busy but wonderful year and a half.

After that I had several issues I have come across with including the search of a new job. The journey has not been easy and I have not been feeling too positive about it, one would think that getting more qualifications and experience would make it easier, however I have found it difficult. Quite a few rejections, and way more radio silence from companies, with only the tag of 'Overqualified' and 'needs a working visa'   hanging from over my head. Or so that if what I believe since no one is giving out any real feedback. I have been patient, considering my job search has now  lasted year, but I fear my energy is low.

And I know that one that has suffered a lot form it is my blog, and although I do still stand firm on its beginnings, but I don't have the energy to carry on this. I still love art, and enjoy traveling and visiting museums as well as learning about new artist.  I don't believe this is something that will stop. As creatives we know that we need to keep feeding our creativity.

All this rambling, and it probably doesn't make much sense, All to say that the blog will remain quiet for a while , once I feel that I am on my feet again I will take it up again, maybe not so focused on Art? I don't know  I am opened to changing the blog in the future  its something that  started 6 years ago and something dear to my heart.

So thanks for hanging around if you follow the blog, Fingers crossed, and I will be back in the near future with new energy and a new focus.

Take care all