Sunday 3 January 2016

Happy New year 2016, Winter Spirit

Happy New Year everyone!!!! I hope that this 2016 is a prosperous and fulfilling year.

I know that this will be  year of many changes for me, starting by finding a job, relocating, and hopefully traveling and lots of museums.

I know I went missing for some time and there is an explanation to that. After my hectic MBA year, I decided to do some traveling, so I took an European tour,

It will not be any time soon again that I will have the opportunity to have such a long travel time, so I took a 24 days 12 countries tour, Winter Spirit by Topdeck:

France, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican city, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Czech republic, Austria, Belgium and a quick stop in Slovakia.

All I can say its the its a once in a life time experience, And although there where some days that  did feel like we where stuck in the bus its those days that we found little gems in our lunch stops, such as Verona, Orvieto and our quick stop in Slovakia.

Every single stop was followed by I wish we had more time,  and by the end it felt weird to be separated from the group you spent almost a month with. Same group in which we celebrated Christmas, New years and in my case my birthday.

Both our Tour Guide Alyse and our driver Zully  took excellent care of us, And because we did have a free day in every main stop, It was easy to follow your own interests, for me ( as you can expect) it was museums and churches.

I will try to write a couple of post more Art and architecture related in the following weeks. Including some pictures of the places I visited.

PS this picture was taken in Venice

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