Wednesday 22 October 2014

designer loves art...Nicolas Régnier...210

Sometimes a move in location influences the style of an artist

this is  Nicolas Régnier

Born in Maubeuge both  painter and art collector and trader. he started training in Antwerp although it can be discussed if he was under the tutelage of Bartolomeo Manfredi or  Abraham Janssens or maybe both. He went to Italy in the 1615 and was a contemporary of Caravaggio and became the official painter of the Marchese Vincenzo Giustiniani. His style varied thought put his life. In the end he focused more in  historical and Mythological subjects as well as his decorations style became more detailed. In his later years he moved to Venice we he restarted trading antiquities and started his own art collections. Which is till recognized today. You can clearly see his style movements in his life. The richness of his color is something that I admire, as well as the softness of their features.

*all work is property of the artist *
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