Wednesday 27 August 2014

DLA reflections...01

Firstly I like to thank anyone of my viewers who still comes in and checks up on me. It has been a difficult year. However when one is stressed one starts to reflect on what's going on around us. So even though  I don't have the head to research and read about an artist.  I want to share with you guys 2 experiences that  are of course art related that happened to me this month in 2 posts a short one and a long one . Note: this is probably my longest post ever...

Last week I had an express trip to México city, for some stuff I'm not going to get into. I had some time on Sunday to walk around the city, I traveled with my mother, and to anyone who has been to México city specially around the Zocalo you know it can become a mass of people (specially Sunday before school starts). And although I really had no head to go into museum, since I had an important appointment on Monday,  We literally stumbled into the Museo Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público. Well on the temporary  exhibit they had some beautiful Leonora Carrington sculptures, and then some cotemporary pieces. As we were walking around I noticed my mother's reactions to what was on display. She smiled on the Carrington  exhibit, but frowned even grimaced on to the contemporary exhibit along with a puzzled expression.

So when she asked me if I could explain a couple of them I looked at them and I couldn't...I will not call myself an art scholar but i like the topic enough to know more than most people so I'm used enough to this question. I looked at the piece and I know that the artist was trying to show something, make a stand on something, revel from something, since they where aggressive pieces... but what from?
This got me thinking, when did art stopped being a communication channel? When did we as artist  stopped even trying to please our viewers? When did it become about the artist against the world? when did it become so egocentric? When did it become so ugly? Why did we stopped people from being in awe of our talent?

 I will like to make it clear that  I am not talking about every single contemporary artist, there are many of them I am in awe of which I have posted trough the years here on my blog.

Art from its start was a communication channel, for everyone between raze,  status and age. And in the past it was used as decoration to make a wall more personalized, more pleasant to look at.  Have that image transport you to that scene.

Now before I start getting, angry messages that refer me to  Picasso's Guernica.... ask yourself.. would you be happy looking at the artwork every day for the rest of your life? And to those who will refer me to Duchamp's fountain... are you about to change the course of art into a new movement?

I am not looking for answers and its a subject I can think we can all discuss to death. But since this is my art blog, I thought it would be nice to express my thoughts on it. Questions and thoughts in the comments.