Monday 20 January 2014

designer loves art...Jean-Honoré Fragonard...202

Sometimes having a defined style for too long will make you unfashionable

This is Jean-Honoré Fragonard

French rococo painter, who’s initial talent, was noted by the lawyer to who he was an apprentice to. To this insistence he was sent to be apprentice to Boucher. once his students where complete the tour Italy. At the begging he started focusing on landscapes. though marriage he became “fashionable”. However he struggled with his style in a neoclassic period. his admiration to Rembrandt and Hans is clearly shown in his portraits. he went though different periods from picturing domestic pictures, but the war came and his work was not accepted after wards. his paintings have a soft touch of hedonism, with pearly white skin and soft pastel colors, I like the fantasy aspect in his paintings, they are joyful and serine, but I’m so surprised by his ability shown in his sketches its astounding.

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