Friday 22 November 2013

designer loves art...Jan van Eyck...198

Mastering a technique is difficult, but it's even more difficult to perfect it,

this is Jan van Eyck

flemish  by birth although the exact details of his birth are in-existent, he is believed to have been born around 1390. it can be said that he perfected the oil technique by adding precious metals into his painting giving the view a perception of highlights in the paining. he also provided a sagacity of realism that was not used at the time.  nevertheless in the majority of  his paining he tried to deceive the viewers such as the reflection of imaginary things in mirrors. i love his use of colors in the folding of fabric in each of his paintings,  its delicate, vibrant  yet it gives the sense of fluidity  fabric has. so remember to watch out for the reflections in his paintings.

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