Friday 3 May 2013

designer loves art...Gabriel Dawe...179

Can you touch a rainbow?

this is Gabriel Dawe

born in Mexico, means being raised in a colorful culture, but something are not as tangible  unfortunately here in Mexico its still very male orientated (machismo). so in an attempt to overthrow this, he works with fabric and string, something that is usually left to the woman in our cultures for embroidery and sewing.  his artwork combines this and architectural spaces to create the human being need for a shelter. as his pieces get bigger , more complex and even more ethereal,  we find out how much our culture really is a part of us. personally i love this, this tangible feeling of light, the structure you can see, the play of "is this real?". i really hope to see one of his installations up close. 

ps i always get excited when i talk about a fellow Mexican

*all work is property of the artist *
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