Saturday 27 April 2013

designer loves art...Albrecht Durer...178

few think of themselves as an  "artist-prince"

This is Albrecht DΓΌrer

of German nationality  he is known as the greatest German renaissance painter. his talent started from the age of 13 years old with a self-portrait, from this his father got him an apprenticeship with Wohlgemut which lasted 3 years. after that he started travelling, while on his travels he got to Italy where he was exposed to the images of Bellini and may others, that's when Italian renaissance started to influence his style. it should be noted that he also did a great deal of woodcarvings,drawing and illustrations. i have to say that personally i found his painting nothing so special, but one look at this drawings and  landscapes  where i truly see his talent come trough.

*all work is property of the artist *
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