Friday 10 February 2012

busy - busy & 3,000

hi  everyone,

if anyone is wondering yes i'm still alive, just terribly busy lately, been working extra time this last few weeks, and you can probably see me running around the office like a chicken who just got their head cut

i will try to post this weekend. one thing thought, i'm going to resort to posting once a week for a while( on weekends). each post i make does require that i so some research and reading up on the subject and lately i've been pressed for time. 

if its any consolation i do have names up to post #200, and right now we are at #137 that's 63 artist to get to.

please be patient with me,  and do keep coming back.

------- on another note------------

wow i cant believe we reached 3,000 views already.

thank you so much, it means alot to me. and remember,