Saturday 18 June 2011

designer loves art...Rembrandt...89

some artist unfortunately had to live their personal life in sorrow

this is Rembrandt 

dutch artists of the 17th century, he came form a family of median income, yet his parents focused on his education since very young. at age 14 he turned to art passed 2 masters and by the age of 22 he was already considered a master himself and even took some pupils. it is quite unfortunate that his 1st wife died young and was only able to give him one son who did not survive the age of 27. his 2nd wife also died 6 years before his own death. he was quite talented and most of his work is or a religious or mythological essence.  you can see that he  worked mostly with dark colors, but that makes your eye travel to the light, the center and the important part in his paintings. you can also appreciate his knowledge of shading by the quantity and quality of his own drawings.

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